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What makes us different?


When it comes to photo booths, our focus is all about the experience.

We want to revitalize the first memory you have of entering a photo booth when you were young. Remember that first day when you went to the boardwalk with your family. You walked up to a strange little box and your Dad pulled a curtain aside and your whole family entered. Mom boosted you up onto her lap and your sibling was on Dads lap. They told you to look straight ahead and make a silly face as a flash went off. Then they called out, “let’s take a serious one,” then, “a nice one,” and then, “stick out your tongue!” You didn’t know what it was or why, but you did know that you were having fun. You were completely free to be as silly as possible and it was the best time of your life.


Next, you exited the booth. You waited outside the booth for that little strip to print with your pictures. Your Dad held out his hand until it dropped out. Then, he turned to hand it to you and your sibling. The two of you fought over it like a golden ticket. Then as you looked at the faces you all made, you broke into laughter. The whole family had a good time and you continued with the rest of your day at the beach.


Finally, at the end of the day, you went home in the car, looking at the beach as you drove away. The smell of the sea slowly grew fainter and the memories of the day started to as well. All except for one, because gripped tightly in your hand was a picture that you would hold onto forever. The picture that is still on the refrigerator door, or maybe taped on your bedroom mirror.


This is why we are different. For us, it is all about believing in the experience. We believe that this may be someones first encounter with a Photo Booth. With that in mind, we want to set the bar high as a standard of what that experience should be. In 5, 10, or 20 years, no one will remember what decorations were in the room, or what color the napkins were, but what they will remember is the Photo Strip that they stick to their refrigerator door, and the small photo they now use as a bookmark. Whether it’s the first time or the 100th time, a memorable Photo Booth Experience is what matters above all else.

This is what we do, this is what we love, and this is the experience we create for you.

We are a Professional Photo Booth Rental Company.

At Milestone, we don’t focus on what makes our equipment best. Other companies may brag about how they have fast printers, high quality DSLR cameras, and tables filled with props. However, that is what you should expect. When you’re hiring a Photo Booth Rental, the company you choose should use nothing less than top of the line equipment. These tools are the industry standard, and should be considered a part of every Photo Booth owners setup. That isn’t what makes us different, it makes us professionals.

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