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What is a photo booth rental?

A: It’s a fun interactive experience where party guests will take a series of photos and receive them instantly via a traditional printed photo strip or shared digitally to their phones for easy social sharing.

Can I customize my photo strip design?

A: Yes, you can actually see our design gallery at to see the different options we offer and even try out our easy online design tool!


Can I choose my backdrop?

A: Yes, all of our premium packages include a backdrop selection! You can see some of the options we have available at Backdrop availability is limited, so when choosing, we always recommend you select your top 3 so we can let you know which one is available. If available, it will be reserved for your date.

Are props included?

A: Yes, props are included with all of our Photo Booth Packages. You will have Event Specific Signs, Boas, Mustaches, and Lips on sticks. The Express Booth packages include digital props instead of physical props as seen with our traditional booth packages.
*We no longer offer hats, masks, or glasses because of sanitary issues. 

How much space does the photo booth need?

A: Our photo booth range in size! Our smallest Express Photo Booth (perfect for permanent placements) takes up only 2×2′ in space. The average photo booth needs an 8×8 footprint, while some of our larger activations, like our Milestone 360 video booth could use up to a 12×12 space for the most dynamic shots.

What is a Traditional Photo Booth? Is that like a box with curtains that you walk into?

A: We apologize for the confusion. The Traditional Photo Booth does not define appearance, but actually describes the Experience of the Photo Booth for your guests.
To explain, our Traditional Booth and Glam Booth setup, while similar in appearance, provide two completely different experiences for your guests. This style of booth helps with traffic flow and allows for larger group pictures.
(Below is a Traditional Photo Booth setup at a Wedding)
*We no longer offer the old fashioned  model boardwalk/arcade style photo booths. They have long since been phased out of the event entertainment industry for about 10 years. They are cramped, expensive, get dirty, and are not very fun at your party.

My package includes 2 attendants for the booth. Would the price change if we request 1 attendant?

A: Our packages that include a second attendant are designed specifically for events with memory book stations, framing stations, or sharing stations that require additional support. As a result, we don’t cut corners or make price changes to accommodate packages a la carte. Doing so would result in offering our customers a lower quality service and that is a sacrifice we refuse to make.

Attendant #1 is tasked with interacting with your guests, suggesting poses, helping with props, centering them in photos, adjusting the camera, and printing photos.

Attendant #2 will hand out guests photos as they print, assemble the memory book, make sure your guests sign the book, and help them with sharing their photos digitally before leaving the photo booth area.

Do you have a travel charge?

A: There is no travel charge in the state of NJ for our Traditional Booth Packages. We do not have hidden fees, and we do not charge additional taxes. The price you see is the price you pay. The only exception is that if you pay with a Credit Card, the Credit Card company charges a 4% processing fee which does increase the charge slightly. We try to be as transparent as possible with all of our pricing.
*For events outside the state of NJ, Travel Charges will be assessed based on the venue location and included in your quote prior to booking.

Do you have insurance?

A: We are fully insured, and once booked, our team will coordinate with your venue and provide them with all General Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance too if requested. We have an insurance certificate that we will email directly to your venue manager.


How many copies are printed out in the regular photo booth? Do you have a limit?

A: Our team prints a copy for every person in the photo. If there is a face, they get a copy. This means that if there are 10 people in the picture, all 10 get a copy, plus we print one extra that goes into the memory book for you to keep if you have a package with a memory book added on. 


Some companies limit prints and reprints, but we don’t. You are not hiring the photo booth for you to have more pictures at the end of the night, you are hiring the photo booth so your guests have a fun activity and get to take home something special that they will save for years! Don’t you want to go to your friends dinner party and see the photo strip from your wedding on their refrigerator door?! That is what it is all about, making permanent memories, an experience that people never forget.

Do you bring backup equipment?

A: Have no fear! We keep photo booths on standby for your event. We also bring backup cameras, printers, wires, and computers to every event so we are prepared for any circumstance.

Is setup and breakdown included in the price?

A: Yes, everything is included. As an added bonus, our team arrives on-site 2 hours prior to the photo booth start time to ensure everything is running smoothly and operational before your event begins.

Why should I choose your company over a DJ who offers a free or discounted photo booth?

A: I could get into so many reasons why, like photo quality, technical experience, trained staff who know how to use cameras, but at the end of the day, it comes down to “You get what you pay for.” A free booth or a bargain booth that a DJ adds to your package is not going to have the same attention to detail that a dedicated photo booth company like us has. They usually don’t come prepared with backup equipment, and if everything goes wrong on your wedding day, they can say “Hey, sorry, it was FREE, so there is nothing to refund.” Personally, I don’t think a bride and groom should have any uncertainty on their wedding day. Getting a photo booth from a DJ is like going to Home Depot to buy your groceries, it just isn’t the ideal place to get what you need.

Why should I choose your company over a different photo booth company?

A: This question can have many answers. Ultimately, it comes down to how you feel and what you WANT! It is true that our prices aren’t the most affordable. There are many great companies out there and many bad ones too. If price is a concern, you can always find a photo booth for $400, 6 hours of service, and they will promise you the moon. However, “you get what you pay for.”


We charge a premium so we can guarantee our clients a professional service and experience that is worthy of remembering every time. We leave no stone unturned and make the planning process seamless. We don’t just “show up” on your event day. Our team communicates with you for months leading up to your date. Regular check-ins, reviewing details, working out logistics with your venue. There are SooOOooo many details that go into your event planning, why stress about the photo booth too? We handle the bulk of the headaches that occur when hiring a photo booth service. That is what you should expect from a professional photo booth company and why you should hire us!


There are many photo booth companies out there, we know and work with many great ones right here in NJ. At the end of the day, good companies will make the same promises as bad companies. So the real decision is about who YOU want to trust to handle your special event! 

Are you as cool as you seem?

A: Yes, our whole team is fun, energetic, and love Photo Booths! We bring our best to every interaction, whether it is by email, phone, text, or in person at your event. We make every experience unforgettable! We also use cool emojis —> 😎 so we have to be cool right?!

Do my guests have to pay to use it?


What is the expected arrival time for setup?

A: Our team arrives on-site 2 hours prior to the photo booth start time to ensure everything is running smoothly and operational before your contracted start time.

Do we get a copy of the pictures?

A: Always. Every customer gets access to an online gallery and a digital download link with every picture, gif, and video. For our booths that print, everyone gets a copy. All of our booths share digital copies right on the spot.

How many staff members will be assisting with the photobooth?

A: This will vary depending on your package or service that you require. Standard packages include one attendant tasked with interacting with your guests, suggesting poses, helping with props, centering guests in photos, adjusting the camera, and printing photos. On certain events, a second attendant will hand out guests photos as they print, assemble memory books, frame photos, and make sure your guests sign the memory book, and assist with social sharing before leaving the booth area.

Do you know where the photo booth will be placed inside my venue?

A: Over our many years in this business, we have been in venues all across the tri-state area. If we are unfamiliar with your venue, our team will coordinate with the venue manager prior to your event date to work out a floor plan and location.