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Slide to see the Magic Happen!

Slide to see the Magic Happen!

Slide to see the Magic Happen!

The Glam Booth rental is one of the newest premium photo booth trends for NJ Photo Booth Rentals this year! We mixed the classic glamour photo shoot with a traditional photo booth to create truly stunning outputs. Originally made famous by the Kardashians’ and MirMir Booth on Shark Tank, the Glam Booth takes photos in black and white and uses our special imaging technology to smooth skin, remove blemishes, and highlight the true beauty of each attendee at your event!

The Glam Booth Filter turns every photo into a perfect Glam Shot.

The standard for a glamour shot, we print each photo on a large 4×6 print roughly the size of a postcard. You can always grab a larger print too, or even try out our sexy metallic silver photo paper to add a beautiful glimmer to each print!

You need to try the glam Filter!

Have the party you always dreamed of with this Kardashian Photo Booth! The Glam Photo Booth offeres the highest quality photo booth expereince available in New Jersey, the Jersey Shore, and the Central Jersey area!

Glam Booth Features

  • Skin smoothing black & white beauty filter (Kardashian Filter)
  • 4″x6″ Postcard size prints
  • Special studio lighting
  • Premium White stretch fabric backdrop
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • Unlimited prints

Have you been keeping up with the Kardashians’ on Instagram? The Glam Booth is the hottest booth around & takes the best pictures. Famous for its Celebrity appeal around the Hollywood Elites, this booth is the best way to bring class and style to every picture at your party!

Using our luscious black and white process with subdued highlights, our Glam Booth uses intelligent skin smoothing, image sharpening, exposure enhancement, background brightening, and stylized color grading to capture the perfect beauty shot every time! Okkurrr!

Simple Planning in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1:
Pick your Booth

Choose a photo booth style that fits your event!

Step 2:

Email us your logo so we can design a proof of your sexy Glam Booth Photo!

Step 3:

Sit back & relax! The booking process is complete. It is time to have fun!

customize your Photo booth!

We have a long list of add-ons & Customization options available

Add Digital GIfs & Boomerangs

Photo Booth prints are classics for an event, but it doesn’t mean there are not cool alternatives for a modern event! Our GIF Photo Booth option creates a new picture taking experience that is even more fun for your guests to share!

If you are scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and see this cool GIF flash across your news feed, who wouldn’t pause to take a look! Complete the design with a cool animated overlay to really make the magic pop!

The GIF photo booth is perfect for any type of event or occasion, especially when you want a custom one-of-a-kind photo experience. Especially for an upcoming Wedding or Mitzvah event that only happens once in a persons life!

Are you familiar with a Boomerang Booth? We take 14-20 rapid photos quickly in sequence, then our magic gremlins string them together into a short-animated video that is played backwards and forwards in sequence. It only takes one small movement to have the time of your life!

Light up your photos with a neon sign

It is 2022 & Retro is back! Check out our generic neon sign options for your next event! Don’t see something you like or want to customize it for your special day? Ask us about our custom neon sign designs! All our designs are produced in house by our expert design team! Get lost in the colored neon lights as you take photo after photo with an incredible sign mounted to your event backdrop! 

Make sure to ask about our hedge wall and flower backdrop options, because that is where the neon signs really shine!

Cherish the Memories with an Engraved Memory Book

engraved memory book for photo booth rental

Don’t settle for a cheap scrapbook from Amazon or the local craft store. Add our high end acrylic memory books to your next event. Built to be durable and last for years to come!

Want to customize your memory book? Check out our Engraved Memory Book! Our design team can customize it to match your photo design, or create something completely unique that makes a great addition to your bookshelf at home.

These albums feature matte black pages and guests can easily use metallic markers to write their personal messages for you to read. This is a great way to truly add a personal touch to your photo booth rental.

Class it up with red carpet & Velvet ropes

Walking the red carpet has never been more exciting then when your guests are lining up for their photo booth experience. Exchange the classic look of a photo booth for the elegant presentation of our luxury red carpet and velvet ropes.

Make your guests feel like a million bucks when they walk the red carpet up to the celebrity photo booth rental! Treat them like the VIPs they are while waiting in line with beautiful velvet rope stanchions. Don’t worry, they are VIPs, so they won’t have to wait in line very long!

Super size your event with our Jumbo & Giant Prints

Bigger is better! Looking for a print that catches the eye? We offer prints in many sizes including 4×6 postcard prints, 5×7 prints, 6×14 oversized prints, and our NEW truly remarkable 8×16 JUMBO prints! We create stunning designs that are perfect for making a memory with your Photo Booth Rental. These print-outs feature larger pictures and more real estate for design work. Don’t make Grandma squint at those tiny pictures anymore!

Our giant prints are unique and memorable, and they are so large that nobody will forget them on the table when they leave! Generally, we don’t have much in common with McDonald’s, but when it comes to printing, ask us to SUPERSIZE IT!

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