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New Jersey - New York - Pennsylvania

Meet Team Milestone

The Photo Booth Crew that gets it done!

The people who make the magic happen. The people who create an experience. We asked ourselves…
“What kind of person joins Team Milestone?” 

We found them.

The brave. The bold. The engaging. The creatives. The excited. The enigmatic.

Our handpicked team members have become the backbone of our expert service. Their hard work and energy is what brings us to new levels of entertainment satisfaction with each new day. When it comes to party perfection, our team is dedicated to making sure your event is “FIRE” as the kids say! With the best team in the industry, we are ready to make your event a reality!

Shayn Satten

Chief Photo Booth Officer

The founder of Milestone, Shayn believes that every event is a Milestone in a persons life. To bring this idea to reality, he devotes all his time to helping customers and perfecting every detail of their events. From beginning to end, you can count on Shayn to make your event a success!

Mikey Powell

Vice President of Event Logistics

With a focus on never letting down a customer, Mikey is the leader of our event logistics team. Making sure every event is covered with the correct team members, equipment, back-up equipment, and coordinating operations throughout the year. When Mikey is involved, no stone is left unturned!

Mike Cline

Vice President of Asset Management

Dedicated to the growth and development of Milestone, Cline spends his time handling many of the small details that keeps Milestone running. He is responsible for hiring and training every new team member to make sure every customer receives the same quality of service across the board!

Our Mission is to provide the ultimate Photo Booth Experience. The belief is that we leave an impression on every first time Photo Booth Guest in attendance. Everyone should be able to experience that first time feeling every time they enter our booth. With a combination of great staff, great props, and great service, we believe we achieve this mission at every event we attend. Let’s make your next event a Milestone to be remembered!

The Milestone Photo Booth Philosophy is to change the experience of photo booths one smile at a time! Our unique approach to creating a custom event starts from the first interaction with our clients. We determine your needs and open your eyes to the possibilities both in and out of the booth. Then, we match this service with the outstanding interactive personalities of our Photo Booth team. Finally, we create an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests to enjoy, share, and remember forever.

Our focus is all about the experience. We want to revitalize the first memory you have of entering a photo booth when you were young. We believe in giving the gift of that first time experience to those who have never been in a Photo Booth before. You and your guests are the focus of our business. Throughout the event planning process, we continue to check in on your progress every step of the way. Sometimes, we even drop you a line to see how you’re feeling. We care about you as much as our own family, and even if we haven’t been chosen as your preferred photo booth vendor yet, we still consider you family that we just haven’t met.

Our Vision is simple. Be Big. This Vision is shared with every Milestone Employee on their first day. We encourage everything about the words “be big.” Big Ideas, Big Events, Big Experience! Everyone who works for us is a unique member of our team, and we want them to be proud of everything they help us accomplish each day. There is no small event. It doesn’t matter if there are 10 guests, or 1000, we treat every event like it is enormous because to our customers, it is BIG to them. If it is Big to you, it is big to us. The words “no” and “can’t” are just not in our vocabulary. We count on our team to supply only the biggest personalities and build the biggest events because without them, the experience would not exist.

We make a solid promise to all of our customers to deliver the best possible Photo Booth experience for your event, and to the best of our ability, we will not only meet your photo booth expectations, but far exceed them as well. Our goal is to ensure that every guest goes home with an unforgettable memory. We go above and beyond the call of action for a normal Photo Booth Rental company. Too often do we see a lack of enthusiasm from both photo booth owners and their operators. We strongly believe that on your momentous day, we are every bit as excited and involved as you are yourself. We hold ourselves to these high expectations and by working with us, you will help us achieve our goals while we make sure you are guaranteed the full dedication that you deserve.